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make a table

How To Make A Table – Simple and Cheap Dining Room Table

We work on a lot of different projects throughout the year. In fact, we have a long list of a ...
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grandpa's workshop

Grandpa’s Workshop Wood Sign

We made this wood sign to hang up in Grandpa’s Workshop. It’s a super simple design and was a lot ...
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Latest Art Work

storm trooper wall art

Storm Trooper Wall Art from Reclaimed Materials

I have a long list of project ideas that I work off of. One of the things that has been ...
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iron man

Draw Iron Man – Sketch to Digital Art

On my recent binge of drawing I had mentioned my love of comics. I had also mentioned that I would ...
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Latest in the Maker Community

Interview with The Redsmith

Join us as we have a chat with The Redsmith from the YouTube channel of the same name. Get some background ...
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kostas annikas deftereos

Interview with Kostas Annikas Deftereos – TMV

Join us as we have a chat with Kostas Annikas Deftereos from the YouTube channel of the same name. Get ...
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Waylight Creations

Waylight Creations is a hub for creativity, learning and growing as a maker and online content creator. We love to build, make music, share what knowledge we have and the knowledge that the maker community has generously allowed us to share with you. Just like everyone else, we are always growing and learning new things. Our goal is to share that journey with you and have some fun along the way.