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It’s no secret that we love the DIY and Maker communities. If you are into making things with your own two hands, like we are, then we think you will thoroughly enjoy this list of 10 YouTube DIY Channels You Should Be Following.

Included in this list you will find makers and DIYers from various backgrounds, with various skill sets and definitely different personalities; but that’s a good thing. Some of these YouTube DIY channels offer inspiration. Some offer step-by-step instructions, but all of them are sure to get your creative juices flowing and hopefully help you spark some ideas of your own. In no certain order, let us share with you some amazing creators with YouTube DIY Channels that we think are worth checking out.

The Redsmith

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If working with leather or metal tickles your fancy, The Redsmith’s channel will not disappoint. Every video on this channel comes off as a masterpiece. Each video is beautifully shot and stitched together in the most soothing of ways. Whether our favorite Frenchman is banging away near his forge or meticulously stitching pieces of leather together, you are sure to enjoy The Redsmith experience.

Visit The Redsmith YouTube DIY Channel

Peter Brown

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Out of this world is a good way to describe what Peter Brown is doing. The community’s resident resin sniffer is constantly churning out new and creative projects that are sure to leave with lots of questions; the main one being why you’ve waited so long to watch his videos. Whether it be turning bread on his lathe, casting cookies in resin or making pancake frisbees; you are sure to find something you’ll enjoy.

Peter is actually one of our biggest influences. When we made the leap into resin casting, he is one of the main channels we enjoyed.

Visit Peter Brown’s YouTube DIY Channel


Are you into costumes? What about custom snare drum builds? Bales has a wide variety of project videos, though most of them are centered around Halloween costumes that are built from scratch or unique snare drums that are created the same way, there are some amazing outlier projects as well. We recommend the Calvin and Hobbes Snowmen project and The Lego Table.

Visit BALES YouTube DIY Channel

Carl Jacobson

The master of woodturning himself is sure to make your day if turning wood on a lathe is your thing. We are firm believers that there is not one thing that Carl can’t make on the lathe. You will have to check out his back catalog yourself to see what we mean, but we highly recommend you check out The Flinstones Car and The Dripping Wood Honey Pot.

Visit Carl Jacobson’s YouTube DIY Channel

DM Idea

On the DM Idea channel you will find a plethora of miniature “to scale” builds of various pieces of industrial equipment and vehicles made from wood. The attention to detail on these projects is mind blowing. If that isn’t necessarily what you are into, you can also find a collection of art related projects as well. Our favorites are the Lamborghini build and the Wooden Motorcycle.

Visit the DM Idea YouTube DIY Channel

Steve Carmichael

Steve Carmichael hosts a very interesting YouTube DIY channel that features a lot of woodworking projects in which he details very well how the viewer can make it themselves. Steve has the brightest personality and his million dollar smile and attitude will leave you wanting more every time. Some things you might expect to find on Steve’s channel include; a footlong sub made from a 2×4, some wooden sunglasses, some amazing scroll saw projects and so much more.

We’ve actually been a part of a couple of huge collaborations with Steve. Makers Rock is one of those collaborations.

Visit Steve Carmichael’s YouTube DIY Channel

Escagedo Woodworking

Uniqueness is the best word to describe what Eloy Escagedo is doing over at Escagedo Woodworking. Every project is definitely something you’ve never seen before. To best convey what you will find on Eloy’s YouTube DIY channel let me list some of the projects you will find; a steampunk R2-D2, a skull guitar pick holder, a torched wood box and many other projects. Not only will you find some amazing projects, you’ll also be treated to a show he hosts call the Mad Maker Show, where he interviews creators just like the ones on this list every week.

Visit Escagedo Woodworking YouTube DIY Channel

Wood By Wright

If tradition is what you are looking for, Wood By Wright is the place to go. Focused specifically on hand tool woodworking, James uses his expertise to both teach and amaze. We are always blown away by what James makes on his channel, especially since we love our power tools. Expect to see lots of chisels, handsaws and wood planes on this channel, but also expect to be wow’d.

We did a collaboration with James a while back using some of the beautiful curls he made.

Check out Wood By Wright YouTube DIY Channel

Dan The Maker Man

If Wood By Wright is traditional, then Dan The Maker Man is non-traditional, well… kind of. The processes might be traditional, but his creative mind is no. We love Dan’s channel because it hits on all the notes that soothe our soul. Pop culture, comic books, fantasy movies, knives, swords, etc. You name it; Dan has probably made it or will soon. We especially love his large comic themed wall art pieces, like Wolverine and Iron Man.

Visit Dan The Maker Man’s YouTube DIY Channel

JP Woodwork

Last, but never least is JP Woodwork hosted by Jamie Page. Our favorite Brit is always delivering on one of our favorite art forms; scroll sawing. The amount of time spent and attention to detail for each of his scroll saw masterpieces is astonishing. He has scrolled huge tigers, he’s done one that was Walking Dead themed and he even did the Queen. Among his scroll projects you will also find some beautifully turned bowls and other various wood themed projects.

Visit JP Woodwork YouTube DIY Channel

YouTube DIY Channels

This is but a small sample of YouTube DIY channels that we feel you should be following. Each has its own unique flavor and feel, but all of them stem from creative minds that like to see their creations come to life. We strongly suggest you subscribe to any of the YouTube DIY channels that pique your interest. Subscribing to a channel helps support what the creator behind it is trying to do, plus you’ll be able to catch every new project video they publish.

Check back soon as we will most likely revisit this topic with a whole new batch of creators we think you’ll enjoy. The easiest way to stay up-to-date with what we are doing and to receive any new articles just like this one, consider subscribing to our newsletter.

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