About Us


We love to create all kinds of things. We also love learning and trying new things as well. We make the videos for our projects based purely on an entertainment and inspirational basis. Our goal is to inspire you to make something. Anything and everything that you may try based off of one of our videos or projects is done at your own risk. Please, know your limits and be safe.


A Little Bit About Us

Waylight Creations was started back in early 2014, first as an Etsy shop. The initial venture was spawned from Amy’s (my wife) and my (Ryan) love of creating things; any THINGS. We quickly realized that our passion for creation wasn’t in sales and marketing, but rather in the creation process.

Once we decided we no longer liked the idea of solely running a shop and constantly trying to sell things, we turned our sights to YouTube. Overnight we became believers in the maker community on YouTube and wanted to become a part of it. We slowly eased our way into the mix and have grown to love both the community and all of our fellow makers and YouTubers.
Waylight Creations was the name of our Etsy shop and during the move into YouTube we decided to just keep the name.


What We Do On YouTube

A lot of what we do is based on learning on the fly, but much of it also comes from past experiences. I grew up the son of a skilled woodworker and contractor. I had little interest in skilled woodworking as a child and teen, but learned a lot from just being present in a shop most of my life and my dad teaching me how to use different tools. I quickly fell in love with woodworking, however, as an adult. I have always been a tinkerer at heart, like most kids; tearing things apart and putting them back together, modifying bicycles and building ridiculous contraptions out of scrap wood that was left in my dad’s shop. Basically if something looked fun or interesting, I wanted to try it, and often times that applies to me as an adult as well.

Since we’ve been married I can seldom remember a time when Amy wasn’t making something crafty. From crocheting to scrapbooking, messing with clay and really any other generally crafty thing, it has always been something that has been present in our married life. Since then she has fallen in love with so many other mediums and techniques, most notably resins and casting. She is always trying to learn new things and hone her skills that she has already obtained. That’s part of the reason I love her.


Why We Do YouTube

There are many reasons why we decided to share what we make on our website and places like YouTube. The two main reasons are; (1) to inspire others, and (2) to maybe share a little bit of knowledge that we’ve picked up along the way.

We have been inspired by so many people through the years and were very grateful for it. In turn, we wanted to give back as much as we could, no matter how small it might be.

Thank You

To those of you that support us, whether it be through your uplifting and inspiring comments, your fantastic advice or just slapping a thumbs up on our video; we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. So far you have made this journey even better than we ever could have imagined.

To those of you that subscribe to our channel and regularly interact with us on social media (you know who you are), we are humbled that you would choose to follow along as we do this crazy thing. The friendships we’ve built with all of you are much appreciated and cherished more than you know.

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