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Have you ever been interested in aging wood with fire? We recently hit up one of our friends from the maker community to find out why he uses this method for which he has become well-known.

We love getting to know more about our friends in the DIY / Maker world. We also like getting to pick apart their minds to find out about cool concepts and ideas. Often times these things are discussed in private chats or groups. We thought it would be a neat idea to bring the answers to some of the questions we have to you, so you can share in some of this valuable knowledge.

For this topic, we reached out to Eloy from Escagedo Woodworking and Rock N Woodworks to gain some knowledge on why he puts the flame to some of his amazing wooden creations.

Aging Wood With Fire

Here are the questions and his responses. Enjoy.

What is the main reason that you torch the wood in some of your projects?

The idea is to give the wood some depth and character. Especially with wood like pine. You can really give a project a worn and used look. The idea is to have a piece convince people that it has a story to tell. So mainly, to transform the look and give it history.

Was there a particular reason you started aging wood with fire?

It’s an extra layer to a project. It can take pine to another level. So It was done to age the wood and have it pass for old or vintage.

Check out Eloy’s Torched Boxes

Have you noticed any benefits to doing it this way?

The main benefit is that it give a piece texture and tone. For example, it can turn a pine box into a primitive box. The idea is it can drastically change the feel of a decor piece or furniture.

What is something that you would really like to use this effect on?

Nothing comes to mind. In a situation where I’d like to bump up the damage on a piece…for effect…I can use this as a tool.

Do you have any advice on using this method?

Watch what you are doing because you can get burned badly.

Aging Wood With Fire

We hope you enjoyed this look into why Eloy enjoys this method of aging wood with fire. We highly recommend you check out Eloy’s YouTube Channel as well as his website Rock N Woodworks. He is always making unique and off the wall projects that anyone can enjoy.

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