Best Woodworking App 2017 – Makers Wanted – Episode 003

The best woodworking app ever created. Voice activated, automated response, measurements, calculations, project and tool suggestions and more. Free to download in your favorite app store.

Notice – This show is for entertainment purposes only. Nothing seen or heard in this video should be taken as actual advice or instruction. All acts in this video are of a comedic nature and should be understood as such. Waylight Creations or anyone involved in this video are not responsible for any actions you take after watching this video. This is comedy, guys.

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Makers Wanted is a different kind of maker / DIY show. It’s about the lighter side of making – the funny side. With all of the project and build videos available online and the countless tutorials, we thought it would be fun to step back, look at what’s going on in the community and poke a little fun at ourselves and all those involved.

Don’t get us wrong; project and build videos and content are great, but maybe a little break from it once in a while would be nice, while still preserving the things that make the community great.


►The Good Advice Guy
created by: Matt Haas
Channel –

►You Suck at Woodworking
created by: Eloy Escagedo
Channel –
Music by: Eloy Escagedo

►Answers with Allen
created by: Allen Robinson
Channel –

►Married to a Tool / Deep Thoughts
created by: Rick and Cheri Wilke
Channel –
Music by Jason Shaw
Acoustic Guitar #1

►All other Segments
created by: Ryan and Amy Bitters
Waylight Creations
Other Credits———————————–

Breaks and Various FX from footageisland on YouTube

Some video footage from released under public domain

Music not listed from – Waylight Creations Music – http://waylightcreations/music
All sound FX (if any) – (all public domain)

Thumbnail and some video add-ons (if any): (all public domain)

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