Blender 2.8 – Audio Crossfade

In this tutorial we will look at audio crossfade in Blender. This tutorial is focused on doing so in Blender 2.8, the latest release of the program.

We thought it would be a good time to revisit or reboot our Blender tutorial series. They recently released a new version of Blender – Blender 2.8. We want to look at the video editing portion of it because that’s what we had done in the past.

Make sure you download the latest release of Blender.

Audio Crossfade

Audio crossfade doesn’t work the same way as a video crossfade in Blender 2.8. In fact, it is quite a bit more involved. Not hard – but a few more steps.

To create an audio crossfade you must overlap two audio strips on separate lines in the sequencer. Once they are overlapped you must create key frames for the end of the first strip (normal volume to zero) and then do the same for the second strip (from zero to normal).

To do this you must place the scrub bar or timeline cursor where you want the transition to begin. Then in the properties panel to the left, hover over the volume bar with the mouse and press (I) on the keyboard. This will create a key frame on that audio strip with a volume of 1.00 or normal at that specific time in the strip.

Then move the scrub bar or timeline cursor to the end of that same clip. Once in position head back to the same properties panel. Hold down the left mouse button on the volume bar and drag it to the left until the volume is 0.00. Once set, press (I) on the keyboard once again. This will set a key frame in that spot with a volume value of zero.

On the second strip you will follow the same steps, but in reverse. The beginning of the strip will have a key frame with a value of zero (0.00) and the point of transition at the end of the first strip will have a value of one (1.00)

I hope this video was helpful in your endeavor to learn Blender 2.8 and to use it for video editing. Please consider visiting our YouTube channel for more content like this or check out some of our DIY content on this website.

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