Blender 2.8 – Video Crossfade

In this tutorial we will look at video crossfade in Blender. This tutorial is focused on doing so in Blender 2.8, the latest release of the program.

We thought it would be a good time to revisit or reboot our Blender tutorial series. They recently released a new version of Blender – Blender 2.8. We want to look at the video editing portion of it because that’s what we had done in the past.

Make sure you download the latest release of Blender.

Video Crossfade

Video crossfade is a common video editing technique to make a smooth transition between two scenes or two videos clips. It happens by overlapping two separate clips and having one fade into the other. Doing so in Blender isn’t as easy as some other well known video editors, but it is a fairly simple process.

In Blender, you simply overlap the two video strips on separate rows of the sequence editor (or timeline). Once you have them positioned where you would like the transition to occur, you simply add in a cross from the transitions menu. You can find this in the top menu bar of the sequence editor. You will click the following Add>Transitions>Cross.

This will add a new strip above the previously overlapped strips. This is now your crossfade and can be moved or extended by dragging the video clips in either direction.

I hope this video was helpful in your endeavor to learn Blender 2.8 and to use it for video editing. Please consider visiting our YouTube channel for more content like this or check out some of our DIY content on this website.

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