Fun and Games

mdf sword
We recently setup a self-imposed challenge of sorts. The idea was and still is to see just how many projects we can make out of […]

MDF Sword – The Scimitar

begleri 2
Begleri, this is a really cool toy we discovered recently from Kostas Annikas Deftereos and Shogun-Jimi on YouTube. This toy is both fun and nerve-wracking […]

Begleri – Making A Wood Bead Toy

teddy bear 2
Who doesn’t love teddy bears? You loved them as a kid, your kids love them. They’re innocent, fun and an all around great toy or […]

Make A Teddy Bear out of Yarn

We’re not exactly sure what this is called, but we really like them. We’ve seen them hanging on porches and in flower beds before. We’ve […]

Make A DIY Wind Spinner

giant slingshot
There is nothing more fun that flinging objects out of a giant slingshot. Well, a little more fun than that, is making your own. For […]

How To Make A Giant Slingshot

diy obstacle course
Over the past few years I have helped renovate an old furniture store in our small town and turn it into an apartment complex. A […]

Easy DIY Obstacle Course

nerds coaster
The whole idea for this nerds coaster project came from a family member. An aunt of ours absolutely loves Nerds candy. Her birthday was coming […]

Make A Nerds Coaster

vinyl stickers
Through some trial and lots of error, we finally came up with a feasible way to make some vinyl stickers, well, vinyl-esque stickers. Using a […]

Make DIY Vinyl Stickers

tape measure clock
We’ve wanted to make a clock for some time now. We’ve also wanted to try molding and casting an object that was a bit bigger […]

Casting A Resin Tape Measure Clock

wood coin sorter
We’re change hoarders at heart. We love emptying our pockets into a giant jar and letting it sit for a good long while. What we […]

Make A Wood Coin Sorter