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cross candle holder
A few months back we made an e-book called “Seven Amazing Cross Patterns” that contains seven different cross patterns that could easily be cut out on the […]

Wood Cross Candle Holder

This particular cutting board was designed and created out of Amy’s need for exactly what it does. So, I guess it wasn’t really a need, […]

Over The Sink Cutting Board

wishing well
Over time we have amassed a decent amount of scrap wood. Some from pallets, some from junk piles, and some from other projects that had […]

Make A Simple Wishing Well

Bathroom Wall Art
We wanted to add some color to the bathroom that we recently remodeled. In our minds there were two options available; go to the store […]

Ocean Themed Bathroom Wall Art

grandpa's workshop
We made this wood sign to hang up in Grandpa’s Workshop. It’s a super simple design and was a lot of fun to make. One […]

Grandpa’s Workshop Wood Sign

DIY American Flag
We love to decorate our flowerbeds and gardens with things that we make. Wood ornaments or yard stakes are a great way to do that […]

DIY American Flag Star Garden Sign

Retro Band Saw Box Sometimes we are our own worst enemies; challenging ourselves to try new processes that we’ve never tried before. The Retro Band […]

Band Saw Box – Retro Style How To

key rack
We made this incredibly simple hat, key and sunglasses combination rack so we could store all of those items right by the front door. It […]

Hat and Key Rack made from 2×4