cheese knife
​This was one of those back burner projects that we had always had on our list, but just never really got around to making it. […]

DIY Wood Cheese Knife

push stick 2
I needed to replace the push stick I had been using for the past 3 years or so. I thought this would be another good […]

Simple CNC Push Stick

mdf sword
We recently setup a self-imposed challenge of sorts. The idea was and still is to see just how many projects we can make out of […]

MDF Sword – The Scimitar

cross candle holder
A few months back we made an e-book called “Seven Amazing Cross Patterns” that contains seven different cross patterns that could easily be cut out on the […]

Wood Cross Candle Holder

This particular cutting board was designed and created out of Amy’s need for exactly what it does. So, I guess it wasn’t really a need, […]

Over The Sink Cutting Board

adam west batman 2
I’ve had this project that I’ve wanted to make for some time now. It involves making scroll saw art of all the iterations of Batman […]

Adam West Batman Art and Pattern

DIY Halloween Pumpkin
It’s that time of year again – HALLOWEEN! This year we wanted to make something a little different for the spookiest season of the year. […]

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Yard Decoration