grandpa's workshop
We made this wood sign to hang up in Grandpa’s Workshop. It’s a super simple design and was a lot of fun to make. One […]

Grandpa’s Workshop Wood Sign

guitar repair
​I purchased this cheap Rogue guitar for my son roughly 5 years ago at a garage sale or something of the like. Guitar must not […]

Guitar Repair | Fix and Repaint

DIY American Flag
We love to decorate our flowerbeds and gardens with things that we make. Wood ornaments or yard stakes are a great way to do that […]

DIY American Flag Star Garden Sign

teddy bear 2
Who doesn’t love teddy bears? You loved them as a kid, your kids love them. They’re innocent, fun and an all around great toy or […]

Make A Teddy Bear out of Yarn

wood guitar pick 19
Make Wood Guitar Picks For some time now I have wanted to make a wood guitar pick. Not for any particular reason other than wanting […]

How To Make Wood Guitar Picks