3 Amazing Coffee Tables That Will Blow Your Mind

There are dozens, if not hundreds; maybe even thousands of videos out there about how to build coffee tables. Each one has its own unique style as well as process. We’ve snagged 3 videos from YouTube that showcase some amazing coffee tables that we think you’ll enjoy. If anything, hopefully you will find some inspiration from these videos.

Modern Coffee Table for Under $50
by Modern Ideations

This is an interesting take on a coffee table. It is a fairly simple design, but the possibilities are endless. I, for one, like the incorporation of the acrylic. I wasn’t a fan of the color, but from the sound of it, neither was the creator of the coffee table. It happens. Nonetheless, this is a great project and when it comes to DIY coffee tables, $50 or under is a great place to be.

Coffee Table with Concrete Top
by HomeMadeModern

Made from dimensional lumber and concrete, this coffee table puts a new spin on things. This robust and solid design might not be for everyone, but if you are looking for a coffee table that is sturdy; this is it. Considering the fact that this is made from concrete, we really think this has a modern look to it that would work well in a lot of different settings. Again, this could spark a lot of ideas.

Reclaimed Farmhouse Coffee Table
by Keith Decent

If you are fortunate enough to get your hands on some old lumber, like the wood used in this that was salvaged from a 100 year old factory, perhaps making a more rustic design would work. This farmhouse table design looks really cool as a coffee table and would look great in any rustic setting. It’s a lot of work, but the results are amazing.

Coffee Tables

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