2017 Horror Prop Challenge

The Horror Prop Challenge is a challenge that we are hosting for the Halloween season. The idea behind the challenge is to see what props makers can make that are derived from movie, TV or literary horror props that already exist. This can be something as simple as a replica prop seen in a movie or television show or a play on a prop from books or comics that are horror themed.




There are only a few guidelines for the challenge.

  • CHALLENGE IS OPEN TO UNITED STATES RESIDENTS ONLY – sorry, shipping is expensive
  • The item must be a prop from a Movie, Television Show, Book or Comic that is horror themed
  • The item made must be a replica of an original or a derivative inspired by an original
  • The item must be presented in video format and must show the process of making it and the end result
  • A link to this page (http://waylightcreations.com/contests/2017-horror-prop-challenge) must be in the description to the video. This is where people can vote on your entry. Make sure you mention in the video where people can vote.
  • You may also use the image above in any promotion if you would like, but it’s not required.


To enter the challenge do the following:

  • Once your prop is complete and video is finished, upload the video to your YouTube channel between October 1 and October 21.  (Deadline is October 21 – any entries after this date will not be considered.)
  • Email us the link to your video so we can add it to this page and the challenge playlist (waylightcreations@gmail.com) Place (Horror Prop) in the subject line of the email.


  • Voting will open on October 1 (when the challenge starts) and will remain open until October 29.
  • Winner (with the highest vote average) will be announced on October 31 – Halloween Night.


This is a winner take all challenge and is mainly for bragging rights. Also, the winner will receive a trophy showing that they are the winner of the 2017 Horror Prop Challenge and a t-shirt declaring the same. There may be some other goodies in the box as well.


This portion of the page will not be active until October 1, 2017.

Watch a video and rate it on a scale of 1 to 5 – you can vote on each project