DIY Coffee Mug Holder

The coffee mug holder was an idea that came about after we built our microwave/pantry cabinet. The cabinet was a bit smaller than the wire rack were using, so we ran out of room for our coffee mugs. To solve the problem we came up with the idea a filling some blank space between our fridge and cabinet with a mug holder.

The holder/hanger itself is made entirely out of a piece of scrap 1×10 pine board and a few screws and some glue. If you were to work straight through on the project it could probably be done in about 1 1/2 hours.

The nice thing about this particular project is that you can really use just about whatever you have lying around. The length and width of the runners depends solely on what you want. The same things go for the hooks that actually hold the mugs.

Below is a video that shows how we built ours. We encourage you to watch the video and come up with a design of your very own. Get creative and make something new. You are more than welcome to build the very same one we built as well. Either way, have fun and get busy creating something.

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