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On my recent binge of drawing I had mentioned my love of comics. I had also mentioned that I would focus on DC comics for a while when it came to my artwork. Well… after the DC Villains piece I decided to switch gears a bit and try something from Marvel. Plus, a couple of people had requested that I do Iron Man, so it seemed like a good idea.

Note – This drawing is based heavily on a reference image taken from an issue of the Iron Man comic.

All of the artwork I had done up to this point focused mainly on a rough sketch, refined penciling, ink/outline and then coloring with colored pencil; in that order. For the Iron Man piece I wanted to try something a little different and decided to sift in some digital processes as well. This led me to starting with a rough sketch (based on my reference image) and then following my normal process up to the point of coloring.

Once I had finished with sketch, refinement and outlining/inking, scanned the page into the computer and went forth from there with coloring. This was my first time coloring in this fashion so it was quite a learning experience. Luckily the concept isn’t all that different from coloring with pencil, paint or chalk.

The video below shows the sped up process of how I did it. I hope you enjoy.

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