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Finding free images for scroll saw patterns can be somewhat difficult. This becomes even more difficult when you are trying to make scroll saw projects that you wish to sell. Dealing with copyright protected images, logos, or properties can be a slippery slope and is one that most people want to avoid.

You can find free scroll patterns that are ready-made, but that takes all the fun out of creating something that is unique. It isn’t that hard to turn standard images into scroll saw patterns, but it can be hard to track down images that you will find useful.

Because of this, we want to share with you two places where we like to download free images for scroll saw patterns. These images are in the public domain and are copyright free. They even state this explicitly on their respective sites.


This is the site we visit first when looking for specific images for our scrolling patterns. I would say about 75% of the time they will have what we are looking for or something very close.

On Pixabay you can choose from many different sized images and quite a few of them even come in vector (SVG) format, which is even better for designing your scroll saw patterns.


When we can’t find what we are looking for on Pixabay; we head straight for Avopix. They boast 150,000+ images, which is quite a large selection. Nothing compared to Pixabay’s 1.4 million claim, but c’mon… that’s still a lot to choose from.

Free Images For Scroll Saw Patterns

There are others that offer free image sites as well, but we personally find these to be the best for what we are doing, which if you are reading this, is most likely what you are doing as well; making scroll saw patterns.

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