How To Make A Table – Simple and Cheap Dining Room Table

We work on a lot of different projects throughout the year. In fact, we have a long list of a multitude of projects that we want to make. The problem is, there aren’t enough hours in the day. One project that has been on our list for a long time is a new dining room table. We had made one a few years back that got us by, but we wanted to make something that was better; both aesthetically and functionally.

The design we came up with consists of a base that was constructed using two boxes that were attached to each other with arches on both sides. The idea for the top, from the beginning, was to make it like a counter top. This would make for easy cleanup, plus it looks nice.

We wanted to keep the total cost of the table (minus the benches) to under $100 or at least around that number. We were successful. The total cost of the table was around $93 and breaks down like this:

  • Sheet of 1/2 MDF – $18
  • Sheet of 5/8 Particle Board – $15
  • Contact Cement – $10
  • Laminate Sheet – $25
  • Pine Board – $7
  • Corner Trim – $3
  • Misc. Items (stuff we had on hand, but some may not – screws, nails, etc.) – $15

Unlike most of our projects, in which we post photos and details, we have opted to do separate daily videos in an effort to show and explain more of each step. Below is a day-to-day breakdown of how we made it, how it progressed and some of the issues that we ran into.

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Day 1 – Intro to the Plans and First Cuts

In this video we’ll introduce the plan and get all of the individual pieces for the base cut and ready to go.

Day 2 – Making The Base Boxes

In this video we’ll get started on making the boxes, look at the general assembly of one of the boxes and talk about moving forward.

Day 3 – Finishing The Boxes and Making the Arches

In this video we wrap up the boxes as far as patching holes and seams and making the boxes pleasing overall. We will also make the arches that connect each box and prepare them with bracing.

Day 4 – Adding The Arches

In this video we will begin attaching the arches between the boxes. We did run into some problems here that we were able to learn from and found a solution that ended up working rather well.

Day 5 – Applying Laminate to Particle Board

During day 5 we got started on the most anticipated part of the project for us – making the top. In this video we will prep the particle board, cut the laminate to size and attach it with contact cement.

Day 6 – Adding Trim to the Table Base

In this video we begin to deck out the base and make it look a little more “fancy”. This worked great for hiding some of the stubborn cracks and the seams between the arches and the boxes.

Day 7 – Corner Trim and Paint

Day 7 brought us the step that we weren’t looking forward to – painting. Although it is tedious and takes forever, it is the step that really starts to tie it together.

Day 8 – Final Day – Wrapping Up

This is the final day of the build. In this video we finish up the table which includes; attaching the table top to the base, making the table top trim and attaching it. We also got it moved into the house which made it all worthwhile.


The eight days that it took to make this table seemed like they lasted forever, but it was certainly worth it. We have had the table in the house for over two weeks now and we love it. Hopefully this project will inspire you to make one or something like it. We thank you for taking the time to check out this project. If you have any questions or comments, let us know down below.

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