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We recently had the opportunity to have a chat with Daniel Quiroz from the YouTube channel Dan The Maker Man. Dan is an amazing maker that works with a lot of different materials and within a lot of different genres or themes. His work is absolutely fascinating and he is an all-around great guy. We’re sure you will enjoy getting to know a little more about the man behind Dan The Maker Man.

Show notes below video.

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Show Notes


Dan the Maker Man Links:
Dan The Maker Man Channel

Links mentioned in the video:
Rustic Flag Video
LED Light Box
Pac-Man Book Ends
Japanese Style Bench
DIY Corner Clamp
Spiderman Wall Art
Iron Man Wall Art
Captain America Wall Art
Lord of the Rings Letter Opener

Dan’s Recommended Channels:
Renaud Bauer – Createur
Wood Tools Workshop
Crossed Heart Forge – islandblacksmith
Gough Custom


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