Interview with Zach from SouthernGinger Workshop – The Maker’s View

We recently had the opportunity to have a chat with Zach Manring from the YouTube channel SouthernGinger Workshop. Zach is a really cool guy who makes a lot of really awesome projects in his shop using a wide variety of tools. His work is fantastic and he is an all-around great guy. We’re sure you will enjoy getting to know a little more about the man behind SouthernGinger Workshop.

Show notes below video.

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Show Notes

SouthernGinger Workshop Links:
YouTube Channel

Links mentioned in the video:
CNC Stamp Video
Teardrop Build Playlist
Pallet Coasters
Wooden Box with Kyle Toth
DIY Centering Jig
Green Screen build

Zach’s Recommended Channels:
Steve Carmichael
Jimmy DiResta
April Wilkerson
Cactus Workshop
Live Free & DIY
Ox in the Shop

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