Learn Blender Video Editing | Part 2 – Properties and Fades 1

Blender Video Editing

Part 2 – Properties and Fades

This is a series about the Blender Video Sequence Editor or VSE in the 3D modeling program, Blender. This is part 2 of the series and deals mostly with different processes within the video editing workflow. If the following videos contain content that you are not yet comfortable with, please check out part 1.

Tutorial 4 – Intro to the Editor’s Properties Pane

Added March 29, 2017 – This tutorial will show you some of the things that you can tweak within the properties pane to have more control over your individual strips within the VSE. This is an introduction / overview of that pane and its contents.

Tutorial 5 – Fade In & Out with PNG & Transform Strip

Added March 31, 2017 – This tutorial shows a couple different methods on how do both in and out fades. It mostly focuses on utilizing the transform strip tool to overlay PNG images onto video strips. This can be useful for watermarking or text overlays.

Tutorial 6 – Crossfades & Fade-To-Black

Added April 6, 2017 – This tutorial covers the well-known fade to black effect that is used most often for intros, outros and of course scene transitions. This is a very useful process to know in any editing software and it is super easy in Blender VSE.

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