Make A Simple Plywood Desk

The idea behind this desk really came from a need. For some time now we have been using a fairly long setup that resembles a desk, but was really just a metal frame with some plywood sitting on it. It served its purpose but, more often than not, really just served as a space for clutter and wasted space.

We decided it was time for an upgrade as well as a serious downgrade in space consumption. Our idea was to make twin desks that we could place in the room wherever we see fit. This ultimately led to us designing custom fit desks to meet each one of our needs. This desk is Amy’s for her crafts and other projects. And you can use the resources below to make the same one or get ideas to design your own.

As with any project we do, we hope that you enjoyed it. More importantly we hope that it inspired you to create something of your very own. Whether you use our plans or come up with a unique idea of your own, we hope that you have fun and enjoy making it.

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