Make A Wood Batman Emblem

So far, this series of superhero emblems is coming along nicely, We’ve done Superman, so obviously it was time for Batman. This emblem is made almost exactly like the last one and consists of a piece of walnut and some colored resin.

The batman emblem started out pretty much like the superman shield. I designed everything in Inkscape, using the bezier tool and then exported the line drawing to and sized it to the roughly 8 inches I want each of emblems to be.

Instead of doing a pencil transfer like last time, I decided to spray some glue to a template and attach it to the face of the wood.

As with all of the emblems we’ll be making, I drug out the scroll saw to get ready for the fun part, cutting out the interior lines. I made sure I drilled some holes first to get the blade through.

Cutting is pretty self explanatory, you just follow the lines. For the batman emblem I used a crown-tooth blade. I also made sure that I left a few tabs of wood connected to keep the outer part of the emblem in place. These will be taken care of later.
I cut the exterior with the band saw.

The tabs that I had left in place earlier were chiseled down to roughly half the thickness of the wood. This will allow the resin filler to cover them and still keep the structure of the emblem.

I tried a slightly different method this time around for pouring the filler resin. Instead of clamping it in place I used hot glue as a seal around the edges. I also added petroleum jelly to the backer board to help prevent sticking.

I mixed the resin as we usually do, using the two part Famowood glaze coat and added a small amount of blue paint, since that was the color that the majority of people picked in our polls. Then it was as simple as pouring it into the cavities. The main thing here is to make sure the tabs are covered. Just pour until you don’t see them anymore.

As you can see the hot glue barrier didn’t hold up to well. And 12 hours later, we discovered the petroleum jelly backing didn’t do its job this time either. But that was nothing some sanding couldn’t fix.

After a few rounds on the disc sander, a little fine tuning with the orbital and some mineral spirits to clean it all up, everything was right in the world.

Now, to make it really pop, I added a few coats of wipe-on polyurethane.

After everything was dry and ready to go, I slapped on a few poster tabs and stuck it to the wall. And now we are one step closer to completing our DC / Justice League wall.

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