The Maker Report – Episode 1 – Makers Rock, Matt Haas & More

Welcome to the first ever episode of The Maker Report. Below you will find a list of everything that was talked about and showcased on this week’s show.


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Javi’s 30-Day Almost Impossible Challenge

Are you looking for a challenge? Good news. Javi’s Wood Shop is running a challenge called the 30-day Almost Impossible Challenge.

Al’s Hack Shack on Makers International

If you missed it, the guys from Makers International just recently talked with Alex Bull Halfpenny from the YouTube channel Al’s Hack Shack.

Matt Haas Interview on The Mad Makers Show

Eloy from Rock n Woodworks and Escagedo Woodworking recently sat down with Matt Haas (yes, this Matt Haas) from Awesome Wood Things for a laid back conversation and interview.

Makers Rock Album Art Collab 2018

Makers Rock 2018 was just announced recently as well. This time the theme is 90s rock albums. If you want to be part of that or you want to know more about it go to


Wooden Combat Knife by Dylan’s DIY Workshop

In this video we have a really cool combat knife that was made by hand tools only. One of the coolest things is how much the coping saw is utilized. It’s a fantastic build from start to finish by a great young maker.

Go check out Dylan’s channel and this cool wooden knife build.

Wood and Steel Frame Mirror by Robert J. Keller

A mirror frame made from Mahogany is enough to make any woodworker drool. On top of that the craftsmanship and the addition of the steel is wonderful. Robert is very good at capturing what needs to be captured in the build process and he presents it beautifully.

Go check out Robert’s channel and the rest of this build and make sure you smash his subscribe button.

Oak and Wenge Cutting Board by Sawblade Projects

Franc is always making awesome stuff over at Sawblade Projects, but I really dig this one. Especially the zebra wood inlays. And does this guy have a killer shop or what?

Check out Sawblade Projects YouTube channel for the rest of the video and to see more of the awesome content that Franc is releasing all the time.

Old Vinyl Clock by Southern Ginger Workshop

I love projects like this. Where you take something old and turn it into something new, especially when it involves thinking outside the box. Zach loves his CNC and he uses it in awesome way. Check it out.

Hit up the Southern Ginger workshop channel to see the end result and what else is going on over there.

I want to thank you all for taking the time to check out the first episode of this new show. I hope you enjoyed and I hope you’ll come back for future episodes. Thanks again and make sure you check out all of the featured makers and show them some love.

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