The Maker Report – Episode 2 – Puerto Rico, Stamps & Hinges

Welcome to another episode of The Maker Report. Below you will find a list of everything that was talked about and showcased on this week’s show.


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How To Make A Lidded Turned Box – Ken Moon Moonpie Creations

Woodturning is something I have never done, but is something that I always enjoy watching. This lidded box is absolutely stunning. Make sure you check out the video of the entire process and watch til the end so you can see just how wonderful it looks. Make sure you give Ken a thumbs up while you’re there.

Stamp Making with a CNC using ArtCAM // TUTORIAL – Geeksmithing

This is a super in-depth tutorial from absolute start to absolute finish. You’ll get a look at Autodesk ArtCAM as well as the actual creation of the stamp using a CNC machine. It’s a great tutorial, well explained and can get you rolling with what you need to know. Go check out the entire video and receive the full awesomeness of this tutorial. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Geeksmithing channel for a whole lot more awesomeness.

Making a 12v power supply from and old 30 Cal Ammo Can – Ray Pena

Not only is this project and its creator super awesome, this exact project was super helpful to me this last week in planning a future project of ours. If you think you’ll ever need to create a power supply, this video is well worth checking out. Make sure you visit Ray’s channel as well, so much awesome stuff happens on there.

Easy To Make Pallet Wood and Closet Door Shelving Unit Project – The DIY Magician

In this video we are presented with a really cool shelving unit. It is a great use of pallet wood and some old closet doors. Check out the full video to see the awesome spin he puts on his version of this project. Also check out the rest of his channel to see some really cool projects, like making puppets and other fun creations. He has a really interesting channel and I bet you’ll dig it. Check it out and give this man a sub.

Simple Wooden Hinges – DIY – Green Acre Homestead

There are a lot of awesome hinge videos on YouTube, but these take the cake. They are absolutely gorgeous. In fact, if you want to see what these were made for, make sure you head on over to the Green Acre Homestead channel. You can see this full build video and them being used in an awesome way.

I want to thank you all for taking the time to check out this episode. I hope you enjoyed and I hope you’ll come back for future episodes. Thanks again and make sure you check out all of the featured makers and show them some love.

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