The Maker Report – Episode 6 – Toys, Bog Oak & Carved Ogres

Welcome to another episode of The Maker Report. Below you will find a list of everything that was talked about and showcased on this week’s show.


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Once again want to shout out a maker for reaching an awesome milestone. Al’s Hack Shack broke 1,000 subscribers this past week. Congrats.

I’d also like to point out a fellow maker in the community that does some awesome artwork. If you haven’t seen any of Jeremy Miller’s art, which is usually done on recycled materials, I highly recommend you check him out. You can find him on YouTube and Facebook.

You can check out the first Community Hangout from the Tool Master’s Association on Jason McGinn’s Channel, McGinn’s Woodshop.

The Redsmith won the Dirtysmith challenge.

Makers International will have on the one and only Bobby Duke this coming Sunday.

The Mad Maker Show will have on (Dan The Maker Man) this coming Tuesday at 8PM EST on the Escagedo Woodworking Channel.

Dustin Penner is doing a giveaway for his 3rd year anniversary on YouTube.

Make sure you check out the LED contest on Instructables if that kind of thing interests you.

Maybe I’ve Said Too Much Podcast had their Festivus airing of grievances episode.

Showcase Videos

Child’s Toy #5 – Infant Toy-Rattle by Chris Cute

Wooden Perpetual Calendar – How Does it Work ? by DM Idea

Kinetic Spinning Ring Box by Measured Workshop

More Showcase Videos

Bog oak coffee table (robot project) by lignum
Diy Hanging wall piece using paper/wall decor/room decor/newspaper wall hanging/art my passion 20 by Art My Passion
How to make Dogs house form woodlogs and wood slices ; MILIC DIY by MILIC DIY
Woodcarving an Ogre/Troll by Mark Hanson – I’d Rather Make It Myself

Mystery Video

Click Here

I want to thank you all for taking the time to check out this episode. I hope you enjoyed and I hope you’ll come back for future episodes. Thanks again and make sure you check out all of the featured makers and show them some love.

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