The Maker Report – Episode 8 – Christmas Edition

Welcome to another episode of The Maker Report. Below you will find a list of everything that was talked about and showcased on this week’s show.


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This week some Instructables contests were announced. One of our favorites, The Homemade Gifts contest and the Wheels Contest.

Javier Unzueta from Javi’s Woodshop is starting a Weekly Live Feed on Twitch on Thursday nights for those of you interested in learning CnC Design on Vectric Software. Watch him weekly as he takes suggestions from the audience, creates the design, and CnC’s the item for the following week.¬†Thursday Nights 8 PM

Makers International will have on Wood Work Life Sunday at 4:30 PM EST.
Makers International –
Wood Work Life –

Check out the elmcityvintage channel, subscribe and get in on his sweet 5,082 subscriber giveaway.

Also check out Kaged Creations Bridge Four Insignia project and enter his giveaway to win some sweet reading material.


Escagedo Woodworking –

Javi’s Wood Shop –


MancraftingTM –

JP Woodwork –

Awesome Wood Things –

Doc Jared Hildabrant –

The Woodworking Junkie –

Dan The Maker Man –

Al’s Hack Shack –

Andy Birkey –

Justin Christensen –

Sterling Davis –

Lutes –

Miter Mike –

Jimmy DiResta –

Showcase Videos

Makers Christmas Feed the world

jp woodwork

Holiday Lawn Ornament Candy Canes

Awesome Wood Things

Building “A Christmas Story” Leg Lamp (the MANLY version)

Jackman Works

3 Different ways to make a Superman Clock out of Wood

Dan The Maker Man

DIY Pallet Wood Christmas Tree

DIY Huntress

How to make a christmas tree in cardboard – Rap

Thomas Dambo

How to Make a Wooden Baby Walker 

The Born Maker

The Calvin And Hobbes Snowmen


I want to thank you all for taking the time to check out this episode. I hope you enjoyed and I hope you’ll come back for future episodes. Thanks again and make sure you check out all of the featured makers and show them some love.

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