The Maker Report – Episode 9 – Help A Maker Out

Welcome to another episode of The Maker Report. Below you will find a list of everything that was talked about and showcased on this week’s show.


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There is a lot to get to this week, but the thing I am most excited to announce is the first episode of season 2 of Makers Wanted. If you haven’t seen it yet, go check it out and see if you like it. –

A fellow maker is in need after a devastating fire in which he lost pretty much everything. The community and many others have come together to help. If you are able to do the same, please follow the link in the description and do what you can. Help a maker out.

William Osman Relief Fund –

If you would like to support the spread of making, consider heading on over to support what Carl and Robin Jacobson are doing with their Mobile Maker Space. We’ll have a little more about that in just a minute. Help a maker spread the joy of making.

Mobile Makers Go Fund Me (Carl and Robin Jacobson) –

Check out the Maybe I’ve Said Too Much Podcast’s newest show, in which a small South Asian land war is starting between the guys and the guys on Reclaimed Audio.  –

This week Maker’s International will be talking about the Mobile Makers Space that we previously mentioned. Make sure you check it out to see what Carl has to say about it. Sunday at 4:30 EST. –

This past week Eloy had Andy Birkey visit the Mad Maker show. If you haven’t seen it I strongly suggest you check it out. Birkey is one groovy cat and we know you’ll enjoy it. –

Red Smith wants you to know that Geoffrey Smith made his first video and that’s very cool. –

If you’re down for some competition, Instructables just released two new ones. The Design for Kids Challenge and… the Arduino Contest.

Check out the Two Hammer Challenge and enter if you want a chance to win one of the coolest hammers ever. Plus it looks like a lot of fun. –

Also, make sure you check out the 2017 Bandsaw Box Challenge hosted by Portal Woodworks. There are a lot of prizes up for grabs, like a $100 amazon gift card and plenty of awesome maker tshirts.

So we are a member of this thing called Makers Media Network. And it’s a pretty awesome group of people. A lot of these makers have some awesome merch that you can pickup to help support what they are doing. Makers like Doc, Chad from Mancrafting, Paul Jackman and many more. Below I have links to all of these fine makers, so you can support them if you would like. You can also snag one of our shirts if you’d like to support what we’re doing.

Maker Merch Stores

Makers Media Network Member store

Doc Campaign…

Chad Mancrafting…/prod…/logo-products/mens-shirts/

Eloys Shop…/product-cat…/shop/mens-apparel/

Harneal Media Shop…/harnea…/mens-shirts-harnealmedia/ Nealons Wooden Treasures shop…/mens-shirts/

Patricks Workshop Store….

Miter Mikes Shop…/product-cat…/logo-products/

Ox in the Shop Store

Mark Lindsay CNC Shop…/product-category/logo-products/

Portal Woodwork Shop

Wooden Visions…

Dave Gatton cnc Contact Dave Gatton

Garageworx cnc Apparel—stuff.html

Jackman Works Merch store

Steve Twydells TempleBoom shirts…

Sterling Davis’ Shirt shop

Javi’s Wood Shop

Shane’s Hobby Shop

Waylight Creations…

Jake Thompson – Northside Custom Crafts…

The Carmichael Workshop…

Andy Birkey

Showcase Videos

How to Make a 3D METAL SKULL pen holder

12 Days of Christmas Craft | Lollipop Stick Christmas Trees
Make It Soph

DIY | Christmas Ornaments including Hydro Dipping and wood burning
Small Fry Creations

How To Make A Easy DIY Circular Saw Guide
Patrick’s WorkShop

Building A Workbench/Outfeed Table From Free Materials With A Chalkboard Top
William Lutes

DIY Alternative 2×4 Wood Christmas Tree
Mother Daughter Projects

DIY Reindeer Bottle Stand (FS Woodworking)
Vasilis Papadopoulos

I want to thank you all for taking the time to check out the Help a Maker Out episode. I hope you enjoyed and I hope you’ll come back for future episodes. Thanks again and make sure you check out all of the featured makers and show them some love.

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