MDF Sword – The Scimitar

We recently setup a self-imposed challenge of sorts. The idea was and still is to see just how many projects we can make out of one full sheet of MDF. So far, we have made three up to this point. This one you are checking out and two others. Small Wall Art Blocks was the first two projects combined.

We want to really up our game on some of these, so we thought it would be cool to try our hand at carving. Well, cutting, sanding and carving. And to be perfectly honest, it was power carving.

We decided not to include the pattern or step-by-step details for this project. Rather, you can just get an idea for how we did it by watching the video. So, here it is… enjoy.

Making the MDF Sword or Scimitar

Hopefully, you had some fun seeing how this MDF sword was made. Even more so, we hope it inspired you to make something. If you have any questions or would like to weigh in on what might have worked better, feel free to do so in the comments.​

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