Metal Cutting, Orb Juice and Waterjet Carving – Today In Making 1

We’re makers and we love sharing. Not only do we love sharing what we make, we also love sharing what our friends and fellow YouTubers make. We thought it would be kinda cool to feature a few videos (3 to be exact) everyday that we enjoyed and that maybe you missed. We’ll also let you know why we thought they were cool and why you should go check them out.

If you’ve never heard of these makers, make sure you hit up their channels and show them a little love.

The first video we wanted to share from today, comes from the fine folks over at the channel Wood Tools Workshop. This particular video is part 4 of series on building a metal cutting station. It has been really neat to see this thing get built from start to finish. Fred and Lisa do a great job detailing all of the steps in this series. If you want to build yourself a metal cutting station, look no further than this series.

The next one is from Heath over at the channel Heath Knuckles. In this video he makes an amazing wood/resin orb/egg. Say that three times fast. We are resin junkies ourselves, so this particular video really hit a soft spot for us. Heath’s commentary over his videos is priceless and we think you’ll love watching him turn these two materials into something absolutely stunning, using what he calls “orb juice”.

The last one for today is from Ray over at the channel Ray Pena. It may be a little late for Halloween, but it is right on time for awesome. In this video, Ray carves up a pumpkin on a waterjet cutter. He carves a pumpkin with water. No more needs to be said about the process, but we are sure you’ll love seeing this process. It is absolutely amazing and makes us want a waterjet… Wazer anyone?

Thanks so much for checking out this short list of rocking videos from today. Make sure you hit up these channels (names are linked to their channels) and smash that subscribe button when you get there. They all make a lot of other awesome projects and are definitely worth a look.

Don’t forget to skip on over to our channel as well and see what we have going on. We’d love to have you join us on our crazy journey of creativity as well.

Take care.

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