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Aside from offering free music tracks (albums listed below), we also have available for purchase small track packs. These track packs (or albums) are released as premium content to help offset the cost of maintaining the Waylight site and as a way for those of you that enjoy the free tracks to help support all of our efforts here at Waylight Creations. If you would like to help support us or you would like some premium music tracks please choose from one of the following packs or albums.


Legitimately free music for online content is hard to come by. Because of this, we have been making our own music for our YouTube channel for a few years now. One of the reasons we started our channel and this site was to share the stuff that we make, and that includes our music.

This is free music. Not free once or free for a certain amount of time; free forever. The only thing we ask in return is that you attribute the work to us in the description of your videos, show notes of your podcast or anywhere else that would seem acceptable. Each album has listed within it a Creative Commons license that you can copy/paste into your work. It’s that easy.

Attributing our work helps bring people back to this site via our link, so they can use this music as well. This, in turn, also helps us cover the costs of web hosting and site upkeep.



Here are the current FREE MUSIC Albums. New albums are added every month or so.


Help us out! If you liked a track or used one, please share this page around. It’s the greatest way that you can help support this FREE music and all future music.

Free music is a great way to add a little extra to your YouTube videos, podcasts and other great works of online media content. Free music is also hard to find. We decided to share, with anyone who is interested, all of the music that we have made over the years for the videos on our channel.

As stated above, all of this music is free for you to use as long as you attribute the music to us in the description of your videos, show notes of your podcast or any other means that are acceptable when using a different medium.

We hope you find this music useful and that it will add some value to your project.

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