Music Themed Shelf with Free Scroll Saw Pattern

The music themed shelf was made to hang on the wall beside my video/audio editing area. It hangs on the wall near my guitars, but was actually designed to hold our cameras. It is a very simple design and can be made quite easily on the scroll saw.


What we used:

  • Wood (cherry is what we used)
  • Patterns (link above)
  • Keyhole hangers (for mounting the shelf)
  • Wood glue and nails
  • Tools: scroll saw, band saw, drill, drill bits, air nailer, nails, planer/jointer (if board needs cleaned up)​

Check out the music themed shelf video

More about the music themed shelf

Applying the Pattern

We designed the pattern ourselves, so you are free to use it. You can get it here.

We print our patterns on full page shipping labels. They can sometimes be a paint to get off the wood when you are done cutting, but we have found that they adhere to the surface well enough that they do not com undone when cutting, which is a very good thing. We just applied them in a way that would conserve on wood the best we could.​

The wood that is left over, if you have enough, can be used for the top base of the shelf. If not, you will have to use a separate piece.

Prepping for Scrolling

We cutout the the outer perimeter using the band saw. This seemed like the easiest approach and probably the most accurate. Then we drilled out all of the starter holes for the scroll work. These holes get drilled in all of the negative spaces that will be cut out to allow for blade insertion on the scroll saw.

Scrolling the Brackets

To start the work on the treble clef bracket design, we began by placing the blade through one of the previously drilled holes and reattaching it to the upper arm of the scroll saw. The blade being used is one that is designed for thicker wood. Since this piece of cherry is roughly 3/4″ thick, that seemed like the best option. It doesn’t leave as nice of a surface after cutting, but it certainly beat trying to run a fine-tooth blade through it.

Once  all of the scroll work is done, the pattern is removed. If you use the shipping label method like we did, take your time and be patient when pulling it off; it will come off much easier that way.​

Mounting Hardware

We purchased a pack of keyhole hangers to use for the mounting hardware. You can get 20 of them for right around $6 on Amazon.

Ideally we would have routed out a recess in the back of the shelf to attach them, but I was afraid that it would damage the base of the shelf. Instead, I just screwed them to the surface. They seem to work well that way as well. The top base of the shelf was made from the wood that was left over after the brackets were cut out.

Attaching the Brackets

​Knowing what this shelf would hold and where it would hang, we opted for a simple way to attach the brackets. They are attached with no more than wood glue and brad nails. Wood glue was placed on the very end of the underside of the shelf base, the bracket was put in place and the brad nails were shot in from the top of the base.


​Since this was nice cherry wood, we coated the entire shelf with a spray poly. This required a few coats with light sanding in between, but nobody wants to see that in image or video form.

All Done!

​That’s it. It is a very simple design with a nice flair to it with the treble clef brackets. We’ve had it in its home for a while now and it is doing its job. It holds the weight well and looks great beside my guitars.

We hope this music themed shelf project inspired you to try something new or that it was helpful to you in some way. If it was, let us know in the comments below or share your project with us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram. Also, if you would like to help support more DIY projects, like this one, please share this with your friends and family or consider subscribing on YouTube.

Also, if you like scroll work, check out our eBook – 7 Amazing Cross Patterns. The eBook includes a collection of seven printable cross patterns that are easy to make.

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