3 Beautiful Resin Craft Ideas You’ll Love

Resin crafts are extremely fun to make. Whether you are encapsulating something to preserve it or you are casting something into a certain shape, working with resin is a complete joy. That’s why we dipped into Pinterest, once again, to bring you some resin craft ideas that we think you’ll love.

If you are looking for something we have experienced check out our Resin Batman Emblem. It was a fun project and turned out to be really cool.

We often use Pinterest as a way to find inspiration in creating our own projects. Pinterest is loaded with amazing DIY projects from tons of creative people. Sometimes it’s a project that sparks an idea, sometimes it’s just and image or product for sale. No matter what kind of pin it is, we can always be inspired by others. We encourage you to visit the websites associated with these pins or their respective Pinterest accounts.

Bouquet Flowers In Resin

Often times casting something in resin is for sentimental reasons. For example, preserving flowers from a wedding bouquet. While this pin doesn’t show you how to do it, it serves as a way to inspire you and to get the creative engine turning.

Transparencies In Resin

This is a stellar idea with unlimited possibilities. Imagine all of the images you could place inside resin. Some of the examples that you will find listed on the original post at thebluebrick.ca are stunning. We love the silhouettes, but could you imagine using a portrait.

Preserving Shells And Leaves in Resin

Again, with this pin, we look at preserving, which is a common use for resin. But instead of encapsulating something into a form, you are merely preserving it in the state that it already exists. On resincraftsblog where this pin originates you will see examples of seashells and leaves locked in time with resin. That should give you some ideas.

Resin Craft Ideas

Inspiration can be found anywhere and Pinterest is one of the best places to get inspired. We hope that we were able to share with you a couple of interesting pins that could spark your imagination.

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Thanks for spending some time with us. We hope you enjoyed yourself.

Happy making.

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