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Amy was in desperate need of some kind of storage cabinet for all of her crafting paraphernalia. Since I had been wanting to try a large, or larger scale pocket joinery project for quite some time, this seemed like the project to do. It’s a really simple build, lots of fun and a very efficient use of space. And it was relatively inexpensive.

Now, I know pocket holes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they sure do make for some quick work and since this cabinet was never destined to hold any substantial weight it seemed like the way to go. Plus it gave me an excuse to build something large with pocket screws, which I had been wanting to try.

There are no printable plans for this project, but we do have available a Sketchup file that you can use to get dimensions and make your own plans from. You will need the skecthup program to view the file however.

Download Storage Cabinet Sketchup File

So, the build was quick, the cabinet is serving its purpose quite well and we are very happy with it.

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