3 Simple Scroll Saw Projects You Can Do Now

We have, once again, tapped into our Pinterest feed to present you with some awesome DIY inspiration. This time we are looking at some simple scroll saw projects that would be great for beginners or for a quick getaway in the shop.

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We often use Pinterest as a way to find inspiration in creating our own projects. Pinterest is loaded with amazing DIY projects from tons of creative people. Sometimes it’s a project that sparks an idea, sometimes it’s just and image or product for sale. No matter what kind of pin it is, we can always be inspired by others.

Scroll Saw Picture Frames

The first pin we’d like to share comes from whatjeffdid.blogspot.com and is a really great beginner idea for scroll sawing. In their website post you can see three different frames they made. That should be enough to spark some ideas.

Mario Mushroom Coasters

The second pin actually links to an Instructable. Visiting this Instructable, you will find all of the steps involved to make these sweet Mario Mushroom coasters. User m2grzegorczyk does a great job of detailing each step. This too, will surely feed your imagination when looking for scroll saw ideas.

His And Hers Key Rack

The last pin comes from the website realitydaydream.com and features a really awesome His and Hers Key Rack. We really love these puzzle oriented scroll saw projects. These seem easy enough to make, but also versatile enough that you could do many other things with the design.

Simple Scroll Saw Projects

Inspiration can be found anywhere and Pinterest is one of the best places to get inspired. We hope that we were able to share with you a couple of interesting pins that could spark your imagination.

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Thanks for spending some time with us. We hope you enjoyed yourself.

Happy making.

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