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Woodturning is not new to the world, in fact it has been around for quite some time. As with most things nowadays, if you are interested in learning something new or you just want to journey down the rabbit hole of any particular subject, you can do so by watching a YouTube video. Woodturning is one of those rabbit holes you can get lost in.

We’ve compiled a short, but impressive list of woodturners that we think you will enjoy both learning from and watching.

Carl Jacobson – The Woodshop

Carl Jacobson is a seasoned woodturner and woodworker, who really enjoys sharing his talent and passion for all things wood. Carl has set out to inspire others to both work with wood and turn wood on a lathe.

He also recently started up a mobile maker space with his wife Robin that will be touring parts of the United States.

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Our favorite video of Carl’s


Nick Zammeti – NZ WoodTurning

Nick Zammeti is also a veteran woodturner. Nick calls the UK home and mainly creates his art out of wood, but has recently ventured into resin as well. He turns some extremely unique items on his lathe including wire, pencils, Legos and potpourri. You’ll definitely find something interesting on Nick’s channel.

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Steve Twydell – Templeboy Turnings

Steven Twydell isn’t just and awesome guy he also comes packed with a wealth of knowledge. Hailing from the country of Ireland, Steve is also an experienced woodturner with a passion for taking up challenges. The proof for this can be found in a video where he turns a banana; a banana. He turned a banana on the lathe.

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Our favorite video of Steve’s

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